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Welcome to Malawi Aquatics

Malawi Aquatics offers Outstanding Varieties of Tropical Freshwater Fish to Hobbyists and Cichlids Breeders searching for the Highest Quality Cichlids available in the St Louis area. Highest quality means healthy, robust, anatomically superior cichlids. Our offerings encompass a wide range of Tropical Fish. As we continue rebuilding at our new location in Florrisant MO, our range of varieties continues to improve.

Malawi Aquatics

New this week:

  • Motoro Stingrays
  • Rio Atabapo Red Pike
  • Red Spot Snakeskin Discus
  • Red Fugi Discus
  • Sno White Discus

Featured from Pablo Tepoot. All large show males:

  • Ngara Peacock
  • Regal Peacock
  • Sunshine Peacock
  • Red Peacock
  • Flavecens Peacock
  • Lwanda Peacock
  • Freibergi Red Peacock
  • Mandarina Peacock
  • Blue Gold Hap.
  • Fire Hap.
  • Hap. Electra
  • Hap. Ahli
  • Borleyi Redfin Hap.
  • Hap. Moorei
  • Hap. Tangerine Tiger
  • Hap. Red Empress
  • Paratilapia Polleni
  • Yellow Labidochromis
  • Assorted Large Mbuna